Exploring What Encourages Creativity- Its The Simple Things In Life That Are The Most Rewarding: 5 Things to Get You In to Your Flow

Exploring What Encourages Creativity- Its The Simple Things In Life That Are The Most Rewarding: 5 Things to Get You In to Your Flow

Being a creative is something I am happy to call myself. But I struggle with the expectation of what that means and the reality of what it takes to actually produce something new, innovative and original.

Over the years I have grown to practice several things that get  my juices flowing and move in to the space of Flow.

I practice self discipline first and foremost. Please note I say "practice".  Every morning I make a plan, Sundays I make an over reaching plan of what I want to accomplish. But the mornings set the tone. I start with these few things that get me going on the right track. To keep me on track I turn my phone to silent all notifications and hang a sign on my door - DO OT DISTURB- YOU MUST BE SHOWING BONE TO KNOCK ON MY DOOR!

#1. I read something inspiring or educational in the morning. NO NEWS! Its a black hole of despair. As a creative I am probably a bit more sensitive and end up with anxiety. I have had to change habits in my life to make sure the anxiety is not exacerbated by outside forces, like BS news programs. Don't believe the hype my people.

I read for about 20-30 minutes, and that's it. I move on the next exercise in Flow management.

Currently I'm reading this little gem

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#2. Stretching, Yoga or just sitting and praying, meditating, whatever you want to call it. I don't want to kill myself with this, just want to spend about 20 minutes moving my body. Getting warmed up. On the weekends when I have more time I'll devote an hour to yoga and go through the whole shabang. But today its Thursday and my production schedule is full!

#3. I write. I write 250-500 words in the mornings. I do this because one day I want to be a writer, I mean an actual paid writer, as a profession. This is the little thing you love to do that is not what you make a living at. You have to be diligent in practicing this thing you love, what ever it is. make time 45 minutes is my favorite block of time, I use the timer on my computer to do this all day long.

I believe, and I'm sure I could find research on this somewhere, that if we do something creative other than what we do for a living, it stretches our connections in our brains to make new connections. For me I write in the mornings, and in the evenings I play guitar. Actually not like making music, but just plinker planking on the strings and trying to read notes. Clearly I need to take lessons. I think I found a new teacher... stay tuned.

#4. Ditch all the distractions. Assuming I have scheduled out time to do my creative work, I refer to my previous signage about "showing bone".

5#. I look to others for inspiration. It may seem like a time suck, but I go on instagram because it is so visual and look for peeps creating in the same or similar mediums as what I want to work in. I look for techniques to try, new colors, anything to feel closer to what I do. I'm obsessed with black and white art right now and block printing.

#6 BONUS - get the F#$* OUTSIDE! When you connect to nature your connecting to the God source, the universal energy source. this gives you endless levels of energy, makes you feel you are part of something greater. You are getting a glimpse of what is amazing and readily available to everyone. I find most of my inspiration in the out of doors.

Tell me what works for you. What is it that gets you closer to getting in to Flow. Figuring out what or how to imagine the most amazing life or the most amazing you- what does that look like to you? Please comment. And don't forget to follow on Insta :)

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