About Us

As a family we have been creatives from the start. I, Jennifer, have been a potter, tile maker, writer, blogger and currently designer for over 25 years. We have run a production pottery studio, gallery and more. My husband Christian has a degree is photography. He has found a love of video as well as photography now and loves sharing his work. Our son Kai wanted to start his own surf brand Riptide with his photography and graphic designs. And of course Stella is  a DIY maniac and has created soaps and lotion bars, lip balm and body scrubs she sells in the driveway as pop up shops on a regular basis. 

Por La Cas is bornout of having a platform to share with our tribe what we create without dealing with the overhead of a gallery or shop again. As an Interior Design Firm we are developing different lines to fill gaps we see not being offered in our community. This has been a wonderful challenge. We invite you to follow us on instagram and facebook. Or simply email us any time.