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Chiapas Woven Market Bag Grey

Chiapas Woven Market Bag Grey

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Handwoven With Love These versatile totes are handwoven by artisans in Chiapas, Mexico, on a backstrap loom. Perfect for the farmer's market, a day at the pool or beach, or as an everyday purse!

Each bag has vibrant stripes of color which carry on to the straps which are then intertwined with the base color of the bag. The tops of the straps are double wrapped to provide strength and comfort for your shoulder or your hands. How They Are Made The backstrap loom is a traditional style of looming in Mexico. It allows the weaver to brocade designs into the fabric as it is woven. One of its main advantages to the backstrap loom is that it allows the weaver full control over the work they are doing.

Small changes in the body can achieve variations in the texture of the fabric.


Dry Clean or hand wash/hang dry; washing will cause slight shrinkage.

Dimensions Dims: 16'' x 26'' (including strap)

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