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Three Waves Messenger Tote with Long Handles

Three Waves Messenger Tote with Long Handles

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This pattern is from Christian's throw back days of carving stone. We have this sculpture in the garden today after 20 years together. I found this awesome bag to print on.  

This over-the-shoulder unlaminated tote bag combines the durability of jute with natural cotton to make the perfect earthy tote. Super strong and extra long jute strap slings over the shoulder for added security and comfort. Eco-friendly and recyclable, this tote bag is excellent for party favors events, promotional events, trade shows, and giveaways. They are light weight, easy to bring and such a simple way to go a bit greener. This wonder tote is great for carrying heavy items and ideal for everyday outings. Carry these large, durable, ecofriendly bags for shopping or running other errands.;

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